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Verification Services

Verification Services

Alwasl International Group has established an independent department for the provision of Verification services relating to the Telecom, Banking and Financial institutions sector, it is specially created and designed to serve our clients to avoid bad debts

Verification service is a vital part of a financial institution’s risk and credit approval process so that key information about existing or prospective clients can be verified through physical visits and conducting necessary due diligence prior to establishing a banking or lending relationship. We conduct these field visits on behalf of banks and financial institutions through our dedicated team of trained surveyors and analysts who collect and analyze all relevant data for various departments involved in different lending services.

To run a business organization smoothly, it becomes essential for an entrepreneur to stay aware about the authenticity of his clientele database. Verification services prove to be a comprehensive solution for confirming the validity of your clients. By employing this verification procedure on the factors like addresses, email addresses, postal codes, phone numbers, etc., a market campaigning turns out to be successful. Pacing up with the modern world that demands quicker and hassle-free results, this program is conducted via state-of-the-art technology and software.

With modernized tools and a team of promising employees, Alwasl caters its clients with Verification services in an effective way.

Our Verification Service Includes

  • Contact Point (or) Field Verification


  • Address  Verification


  • Stock Validation
  • Employment Verification


  • Document Validation


  • Neighborhood / Security check
  • Professional Reference verification


  • Branch / Warehouse Visits

Technical Approach and Methodology:

  • To do an impromptu physical (address) verification of a potential client
    customer by assessing the size/set up of the office and the risk office location and
    to highlight client if any suspicious act observed at customer premise while the
    attempt of verification. Agency staff will only call the customer for verification on 
    the following scenario.
    1. In case, staff cannot find the office of the customer at the time he
    reached the location specified in the application.
    2. In case of, customer requested to reschedule the visit. Staff should
    call first the customer to confirm the agreed time/date before going again to the
    customer office.
  • To verify the credibility and financial capacity of the customer to pay their
    Installment (or) bills following the standard procedure defined by the clients
    To inform the customer of all necessary documents need to be collected at the
    time of verification such as trade license, signature credential, bank or financial
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Project plan for implementation of solution:.

  • Deliverables by Alwasl  : Complete Feedback report in PDF/Excel format will be submitted to clients through e-mail, dedicated team with specialized knowledge in verification which handles the reporting with the assigned time frame.
  • Mode of Reporting : The above mentioned deliverables would be provided to the clients in the form and manner, which is mutually agreeable based on client requirement.
  • Turnaround Time (TAT) : Physical Field Visits
    One working day.


Confidentiality is the strict code of ethics followed by ourselves. The service provides verification of information and details the application forms from our clients. This offers insight into how a customer handles his or her financial obligations, also to help our clients to locate most challenging applicants and reducing the risk of bad debts. Verification data provides the more complete details for credit and collection processing of Corporate and Consumer Products.

We believe, the benefit of Alwasl online system makes seamless synchronization between Verifiers and Alwasl team and to provide the reports to clients in shortest time possible.

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