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Alwasl International Group is a leading UAE based company, with its head office located in Dubai. We are operating last two decades with the network of International offices in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Philippines. We are providing dedicated, result oriented Legal, Debt Collection, Sales and Marketing Services to Banking, Financial and Telecom sector.


Alwasl International Group of companies as follows:

  • Alwasl International Group Advocates & Legal Consultants
  • Alwasl International Marketing Management
  • Al Wesal International Collection of Debt
  • Alwasl International Real Estate

Verification Services

Alwasl Marketing Management operating from the year 2004. We are provided Credit Verification and Physical Field Visits services to the banking and financial institutions and Telecom sector. CPV services are designed to serve our clients to control the fraud and bad debts.


Confidentiality is the strict code of ethics followed by ourselves. The service provides verification of information and details the application forms from our clients. This offers insight into how a customer handles his or her financial obligations, also to help our clients to locate most challenging applicants and reducing the risk of bad debts. Verification data provides the more complete details for credit and collection processing of Corporate and Consumer Products. We believe, the benefit of Alwasl online system makes seamless synchronization between Verifiers and Alwasl team and to provide the reports to clients in shortest time possible.

Verification Process

A. Technical Approach and Methodology

  • To do an impromptu physical (address) verification of a potential client
    customer by assessing the size/set up of the office and the risk office location and
    to highlight client if any suspicious act observed at customer premise while the
    attempt of verification. Agency staff will only call the customer for verification on
    the following scenario.
    1. In case, staff cannot find the office of the customer at the time he
    reached the location specified in the application.
    2. In case of, customer requested to reschedule the visit. Staff should
    call first the customer to confirm the agreed time/date before going again to the
    customer office.
  • To verify the credibility and financial capacity of the customer to pay their
    Installment (or) bills following the standard procedure defined by the clients
    To inform the customer of all necessary documents need to be collected at the
    time of verification such as trade license, signature credential, bank or financial

B. Project plan for implementation of solution

  • Deliverables by Alwasl  : Complete Feedback report in PDF/Excel format will be submitted to clients through e-mail, dedicated team with specialized knowledge in verification which handles the reporting with the assigned time frame.
  • Mode of Reporting : The above mentioned deliverables would be provided to the clients in the form and manner, which is mutually agreeable based on client requirement.
  • Turnaround Time (TAT) : Physical Field Visits
    One working day.

Online System Login — Field Verification

  • Alwasl CPV system is user friendly and compatible to view in System and Mobile devices.
  • Verifiers have instant access to update Feedback, Link the location and to upload Images. The Feedback will be e-mail to the client by the CPV coordinator.
  • It maintains seamless synchronization between Field Verifiers, Team Coordinator in Alwasl Office premises.
  • It helps to make reporting to the clients within just few hours by Alwasl.
  • It shows Dashboard data of Completed & Pending detail for the total cases referred to Alwasl.


Alwasl verification team is built with:
  • Dedicated coordinators and On-field verifiers.
  • Well versed knowledge about UAE location (helps for surprise visits)
  • Expertise in identifying suspicious cases / Fraudulent training.
  • Using technology to capture Photos, Verifying Location Information
  • Adhere to the SLA and starting to provide reports from6 hours of account allocation.
  • Ability to cover up all the Emirates in UAE.
  • Quick and easy reporting.
  • Sufficient manpower / resources with multilingual ability.

Alwasl verifiers are professionally qualified and adhered to the code of conduct while on the field.

  • The verifies are well dressed in professional business uniform and courteous.
  • The verifiers always speak in the language that the customer is comfortable.
  • Possess ID Badges & Authorization Letter.
  • The Verifiers are trained in customer service/handling etiquette and follow Alwasl code of conduct.

In the end, we will save your time. You will find your company in a position to produce more profit and net income, and continue the tradition of business productivity.

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