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HR Outsourcing

Our Human Resource Outsourcing strives to help companies optimize operations and improve business performance. Alwasl Marketing Management was founded with the goal of helping businesses internalize the benefits of outsourcing operations which can be too costly or time consuming to handle alone.

We believe that we can help any company achieve its goals by reducing labor costs and supplementing its marketing campaigns.

Employees available for Temporary, Short term and long term requirements.

Our HR Outsourcing services in Dubai, UAE is the perfect way to legally recruit new employees fast.

All our staff is legalized employees who hold active Visas and Labor cards and adhere to all Ministry of Labor standards and regulations.

The employees are sponsored by Alwasl International Group and are provided payroll and Hr. support. Daily management of the employee remains under control of the client.

Telemarketing Services

Having worked with numerous telemarketing projects, we have learned from experience that the first 10 seconds of a telesales call are of crucial importance, as they often determine the success of the entire call. We know that selling products and services over the phone requires a specific set of skills that are needed to persuade potential customers to hear out and consider a sales offer.

To ensure best possible results, our telemarketers are trained to use the first 10 seconds to “look” through the phone and “see” the customer, so that they can quickly decide on the best tactic for approaching each specific customer and adapt their approach to the mood and tone of the customer in order to establish a personal connection and get the customer interested in starting a dialogue, as the success of a telesales call is also closely related to the customer’s willingness to engage in a two-sided conversation. To help our clients promote and sell their products or services.

Back Office Services

Many back office tasks are integral to a company’s core business process. In order to outsource them, one must be able to trust that these tasks will be performed not just more efficiently or at a lower cost, but also with the same or even higher level of quality than they have been performed in-house.

With longstanding experience in outsourcing back office services, excellent service quality and an outstanding track record we can get you suitable administrative professionals quickly, and easily. For administrative staff recruited on contract, we take complete ownership of end-to-end employee management.

In the end, we will save your time. You will find your company in a position to produce more profit and net income, and continue the tradition of business productivity.

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